This WP8 comprises two main objectives:

·         To achieve a good dissemination of project results at different levels. Project is related to fight against neglected infectious diseases in resource-poor settings. Thus, dissemination will be performed at several levels: society, health professionals, pharmaceutical industry and authorities, and affected communities. Engagement with ongoing projects and initiatives on Chagas will be also pursued.

·         To ensure a right exploitation of the project results, although if the proposed solutions are related to low cost/low profit products. This task objective will be pursued through the development of a complete exploitation and marketing plan in coordination between industry, WHO, authorities and NGOs .

Description of work (possibly broken down into tasks), and role of participants

Lead by PRAXIS, based in its experience of distribution and commercialization of medicines, All the participants will take part on this WP, by giving support to dissemination actions like uploading of web page contents, participation in congresses and conferences, interviews, etc. Exploitation will be lead by the industrial partners with a strong collaboration of the rest of partners and in coordination with WHO. The WP is split in the following tasks:

·         Task 1. Design and host and maintaining of the Project Web Page.

·         Task 2. Identification and engagement of stakeholders.

·         Task 3. Elaboration of dissemination materials.

·         Task 4. Organization of Workshops on Chagas and project results.


·         Task 5. Plan for exploitation of project results.