Administración Nacional de Laboratorios e Institutos de Salud Dr. Carlos G. Malbran

The ANLIS is an organization of the scientific-technological system which implements the health policies of the Ministry of Health. It has the responsibility of the production and quality control of immunobiological products, in the execution of health programs related to its field of incumbency, in the coordination of laboratory networks of the Country, on the training of human resources on these fields, and on the realization of epidemiological studies.

Specific task in the project

ANLIS will participate in the design of clinical trial, and in the patients recruitment, and will be a site for one the clinical trial.

Expertise relevant to the proposed work

National Institute of Parasotology –INP- Dr. Mario Fatala Chaben”.

·         Diagnosis, prevention and control of prevalent and emerging diseases such as Chagas, Leishmania and Lepra.

·         National Reference Center in research and diagnosis.

·         Promotion and conduction of sanitary operative projects and activities of prevention of morbi-mortality related to tropical diseases.

·         Conduction of projects related to research, prevention, diagnosis and quality control in of procedures, products and treatment.

·         Coordination of laboratory networks in subjects of its incumbency.

Profile of key personnel

Sergio Sosa-Estani, is the director of the Dr. Mario Fatala Chaben National Institute of Parasitology in Argentina. He has most recently served as the director of the Vector Borne Disease Control Unit of Argentina's Ministry of Health.


Sergio Sosa-Estani
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