Laboratorio ELEA Sociedad Anónima Comercial, Industrial, Financiera y Agropecuaria

ELEA is a Pharmaceutical Company with strong field research and expertise in develop medicines for a wide range of medical specialities since 1939. Has a considerable experience in managing large international project of collaborative research and development.

Has a proven track record at the Latin America pharmaceutical industry and a sound balance sheet position.

Specific task in the project

1.      Scale the production - Manufacture of new innovative formulation of Benznidazol to be develop as nanomedicine or microencapsulation

2.      Product distribution in Latin America

Expertise relevant to the proposed work

LABORATORIO ELEA will scale the production of the new innovative formulation of Benznidazol.

Therefore ELEA has the expertise and all necessary capabilities as human and material resources to managed and coordinate the tasks assigned.

Key personnel:

Luis Ferrero Access to Medicines for Neglected Diseases Management.

Bachelor in Business Administration with strong international experience and proven track record as business oriented management in multinational biopharmaceutical industry.


Luis Ferrero
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