Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical

The Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical (Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine –n IHMT) is an academic unit of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA), since 1980. Its areas of research are focused on tropical medicine and health-related areas considered problematic in developing countries.

Specific task in the project

This team will be responsible for evaluate the potential toxicity of new drugs formulations in context of murine model.

Expertise relevant to the proposed work

This group has an extended experience in clinical and diagnosis of malaria, African trypanosomiasis, Chagas diseases and others tropical diseases. In the context of experimental infectious, this group has a large experience in experimental murine model of African trypanosomiasis.

Profile of key personnel

Marcelo Sousa Silva: Researcher (PharmD, MSc and PhD in Biotechnology). His is a young investigator with expertise in African trypanosomiasis, focused (a) experimental murine model, (b) immunopathology, (c) molecular biology, and (d) development of biological assay for screening anti-trypanosoma drugs and immunotherapy.



Marcelo Sousa Silva
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