Praxis Pharmaceutical France Sarl

Praxis Pharmaceutical FRANCE is the branch of the Praxis Group in France and it is located in Rueil Malmaison (France). The mission of PPF is to offer health care professionals innovative drugs to expand the existing therapeutic armamentarium, for the purpose of improving the care of patients suffering from less common diseases.

Specific task in the project

Praxis France will contribute to the development of an assessment on the existent and potential (under development) treatments for Chagas disease. It will give inputs to the development of new pharmaceutical forms, regarding issues like administration pathways for new medicaments, regulatory issues, etc. It will participate actively in the design, supervision and validation of the preclinical trials. It will also participate in the scaling up for the manufacturing of pilot batches of the selected solution. Finally, it will coordinate the dissemination and exploitation of the obtained results.

Expertise relevant to the proposed work

Praxis has consolidated its experience in the following areas (among others): Oncology, Haematology, Urology, Pneumology, Lung transplants, Vascular surgery, Infectious and neglected diseases, Ear, nose and throat diseases, Respiratory, Cardiology, Neurology, Paediatrics, Endocrinology and Internal Medicine.

Relevant skills and previous experiences (mainly in R&D projects):

Key personnel:

Mr. Pinhas Melul is graduated in molecular biology from Bordeaux and got a MBA in COMTRAD Business Scholl (New Jersey). He has an extended experience in the International Pharmaceutical Business and company strategies.


Pinhas Melul
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