Members of BERENICE consortium about Chagas' disease, led by Dr. Israel Molina, member of the research group of infectious diseases at VHIR, had their First General Assembly on the 26th June 2013.


The main objective of the meeting was to discuss with its 8 European and Latin American partners the progress of the project, which began on 1st September 2013, for a period of 5 years and which is currently in its 10th month of execution.

Among the highlights progress, it has been delivered to the European Commission the D8.1 Dissemination Plan and the D8.2 Project Website by PRAXIS (Partner 7). The upcoming expected deliverable is the D2.1 Map of Treatment by FIOCRUZ (Partner 3).


The encapsulation of benznidazole using nanotechnology will generate a new drug delivery system. This new approach will allow a release of medication directly into the intracellular space, therefore increasing tissue drug concentration and avoiding side effects. A better toxic profile will be obtained because of the reduced amount of benznidazole used.