EU-LAC Health - Linking European and Latin American-Caribbean policy making institutions in the field of health research.

EU-LAC Health’s main objective is to define a detailed roadmap to guide policy-makers and other stakeholders to an intensification of the bi-regional collaboration between the Europe (EU), Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC) in the area of health research. This consensus roadmap will be developed using a policy-oriented approach and taking into account the new political framework for EU-LAC collaboration in Science and Technology, in particular the EU-CELAC-JIRI (European Union – Community of Latin-American and Caribbean States Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation). The roadmap’s aim is to provide new insights on how to best coordinate and fund excellent cooperative health research between the two regions. EU-LAC HEALTH is a five-year project, financed by the European Union within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7).

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