about Chagas' disease

Members of BERENICE consortium about Chagas' disease, led by Dr. Israel Molina, Director of the PROSICS (International Health Program of the Catalan Health Institute), had the Kick of Meeting of the Clinical Trial in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Centro de Pesquisas René Rachou - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz. (FIOCRUZ).

 The First Clinical Trial in humans is being carried out in 7 research centres spread between Spain and 3 Latin American countries within the framework of the BERENICE project. 240 patients are being recruited in Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia (60 per country). ICS-HUVH is leading Phase III Clinical Trial in close cooperation with ANLIS and DNDi in Argentina.

Phase 3 Clinical Trial is taking place in order to evaluate BNZ toxicity and safety of decreased dose of BNZ. In addition, the trial will allow to determine the efficacy of decreased dose of BNZ and the adequate dose of BNZ. Different biomarkers and techniques to establish the efficacy criteria are being also evaluated. Due to the parasite kinetics and the clinical course of the disease, the parasite DNA measured by a PCR will be the optimum target not to define cure but failure of the treatment. Many other novel biomarkers will be also analyzed to improve the accuracy of the efficacy tests.