Obtain a more effective, better tolerated and cheaper formulation of a drug with trypanocidal activity to cure Chagas disease

Specific Objectives


  • Obtain the firsts results of pharmacokinetics of Benznidazol and its new formulation.
  • Collect the fragmented and dispersed selected knowledge to serve as a basis for new developments.
  • Achieve a safer and optimized drug delivery through nanotechnologies.
  • Improve the toxic profile of the main current treatment, Benznidazole.
  • Assess trypanocidal activity of new formulations in vitro and in animal model.
  • Assess trypanocidal activity of new triazole, albaconazole in humans.
  • Assess trypanocidal activity of combined therapy against Chagas disease for the first time.
  • Involve partners, research and industry in EU and in endemic countries to promote technology transfer and foster in-site solutions at a lower cost, to get the registration of final product.
  • Concrete an Exploitation Plan to increase the access to the treatment to a higher number of patients