Session at Vitoria, Spain 2014 on Monday 14th July. We organized the session: "New medical approaches to combat diseases associated to poverty" jointly with University of the Basque Country, CIBER BBN and Praxis Pharmaceutical.


Researchers from project BERENICE lead the first world clinical trial of a new drug against Chagas disease. The study reveals that posaconazole, a drug that had obtained great results in animal models, it is less effective than the current treatment.

A novel project for Chagas disease diagnosis and treatment has started in Spain. With the participation of Group Praxis, through its company Praxis Biopharma, Biokilab and CSICInstituto

 On 26th September 2014 the researcher Dr. Fernando Salvador presented the Berenice project in the activity "beer and science" framed in the European Researchers' Night.

On June 26th 2013 the Second General Assembly of the BERENICE project will be held in Barcelona.